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Joshua Gayman
Wholesaling Inner Circle
Josh got his Arizona Real Estate License in 2009 and immediately began investing. He wholesaled over 50 transactions in his first year and began to fix and flip properties as well.In 2012, he bought his first rental property. By 2016, Josh shifted his focus entirely to wholesaling and long term passive income through rentals.In 2016 Josh SHOCKED the real estate world with his famous product "Cold Calling On Steroids." This product has revolutionized real estate marketing costs for investors around the country.Josh was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in 2017 for his recognition in wholesaling and cold calling.Today, Josh has transacted over 700 houses for over $100,000,000 (one hundred million) in transactions. He runs a full time wholesale operation in Phoenix with a sales staff generating over 6 figures (often multipletimes over) per month, as well as a rental portfolio of over 20 properties
James Hawk
Wholesaling Inner Circle
James has been in real estate investing since 2010, he started part time while being a production supervisor for PDM Bridge. A company featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Megabuilders” for its work on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington, DC. He quickly went full time into real estate investing after completing two transactions, then went on to complete 38 transactions in his first year. He has bought and sold over 90 million dollars worth of residential and commercial real estate. James currently owns and operates a multi million dollar real estate investing business and real estate brokerage in North Florida. The companies are primarily focused on wholesaling, rehabbing, new construction, and multi family acquisitions. James’ highly regarded marketing strategies and systems are seen as some of the best in the industry. These strategies are what has enabled the company to purchase close to 1000 properties and counting.
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